Monday, November 1, 2010


First, I want to say, yes these are my photos. I guess I've been naughty taking photos off the net, but when I just want to ramble and add a bit of colour, say, I grab a flower pic from somewhere and stick it on... but no more! My own photo's only from now on, no matter how lame.

Well, it's interesting to follow ppls blogs. I don't often comment, but it's interesting to follow the lives of some ppl, and I wonder if anyone follows my life that way? appart from my actual "followers" (hello to you), google analitics tells me there have been a few regular viewers... although they could be those spider/robot things I don't know much about).
Well, if anyone out there is interested... this is what I've done so far with my tatting. I've made up a little bit of tatted lace which I want to use for a dress for Catherine. This will happen in the next week or so.
This week I am making up some packaging for my wall stickers, which I hope will add a bit of value to them, and also encourage ppl to buy them as gifts for others. Hopefully I will have some photos within the next day or two..
The other photos are of our recent long weekend up at our bach. Catherine enjoyed the playground, while I read a book. The park is just opposite a camping ground (pictured), and as I sat there I could hear ppl singing to a guitar having a good ol' time.
And back to the tatting, I've made myself a tatting shuttle! Once it's varnished I will put up the pics.


Mark said...

It's interesting to pop into peoples lives while visiting their blogs, and yes, I check in on you.
And...thee are no lame photos as far as I'm concerned, your photos today are great, lovely area and that park sounds way cool with the music playing.

Janney said...

Thanks Mark...I love going to our bach. Very laid back... I should post more photos of it!