Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Gift Packaged and everything!

Well, I have another craft show coming up tomorrow... and apparently this is an "upmarket" event of "designer" products, and so we needed to think seriously about our presentation, and I had a look at my raggidy bits of paper with a ribbon tied around it and realised it just wasnt going to cut it. So I had some labels printed and bought some tubes and packaged my decals, along with instructions and a squeegy. If I run out, I will also be taking orders with a $10 deposit. I am also going to update all my sites, like Trade Me, Etsy and Felt... with pictures of the packaging. Hey, it may encourage people to buy them as gifts now!


dcpeg said...

Very professional looking! Good choice and I hope you sell out.

As for your tatting: you must have enormous patience! My youngest sister is also a tatter (?) as well as a spinner and weaver. I could never grasp crochet, so I'm thinking tatting is totally out of my league. You're creating some pretty lace! Hope Catherine appreciates it and removes it from the dress when she outgrows it to use on something else.

Janney said...

That's a good idea, I never thought of that. I'm hoping to get better though, so I may just pass the dress down to someone who appreciates it with the lace :) Or, actually, knowing me, keep the whole dress forever as a keepsake!