Friday, November 19, 2010

Reoccurring Dreams...

I have them alot. I had one last night in fact... one of my dancing dreams. I keep dreaming I've gone back to dancing lessons, but it's been so long my legs are really arthiritic and I can't jump or point my toes, and kind of hobble around the room. The dresses have also changed in recent years , and I'll often dream I've come up with the latest fad, which when I wake up, turns out to be upholstry fabric, or two-tiered skirts like jack-o-lanterns.
I used to also have reoccurring dreams about school, where I'm repeating 7th form for the 5th year in a row and it's the end of the year and I have to cram for exams because I havnt studied anything all year. One of the funny things is that, I now drive to school. But I told enough people about that dream that they stopped. The last time I had it I was sitting in class thinking "hey, it's just like that reoccurring dream I keep having, but this time it's real!".
Maybe that's why I keep having the dancing dreams.... I havn't told anyone about them.
And our memories must be amazing, because I also revisit places I've dreamed about say five years ago. I've invented shopping malls I've come back to, and houses or flats I've lived in. And areas, which because I have no sense of direction, the floor plan is always pretty simple.... basically forward and back.
Oh, and my garden is spectacular. Little nooks and crannies full of leeks and marigolds, sunflowers and veges all growing lush and wonderful, in a little back yard paridise.
I love my dreams. It's the one time I get back some of my childhood, and remember life when imagination reigned and dirty dishes didn't matter.

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