Monday, November 22, 2010

floral and pretty

Here's another dress I made Catherine. (I'm seriously thinking about starting up a wordpress blog to add my patterns to, coz you can add files to the wordpress blogs, but that might just be another thing that adds too much activity to my life, so I'm just gonna think on it at this stage).
ANYWHO.... this is the exact same pattern I made up about a year ago. She has 2 dresses like this and she thrashes them. A whole wardrobe full of (lovely) hand-me-downs, yet people at church probably think she only has two dresses, coz she chooses them every week (thinks: "maybe that's why people keep giving us clothes!!").
The best thing about it, is she can put it on herself. No buttons/zips at the back, and it's the same back and front.
And here's the original dress I made for her when she was four.... see how it looks as they grow...

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