Sunday, July 4, 2010

What else I've been up to

Hey, I have been being creative... just havn't been documenting it. Here's some stuff I found on my camera. This is all pretty recent.
1. Truck I did for my cousins business. I spent the day with them, and saw my Uncle and Aunty, and my two cousins, Dean and Ashley. I was pleased with the way it turned out, especially since I took the time to go around each rivet with a heat gun. (It took 5 hours)
2. That box is made by me! as a mock up of my work for a client to present to his "team". If they like it , it could be in the supermarkets!
3. A shop I've been working on for the last fortnight. The Flying Pizza in Maraetai. It's such a beautiful drive... I started to really like travelling there, the sun and countryside was wonderful. Makes you realise how some people live every day, outside of the city.
4. Some 'booties' I started testing for the next Craft Revolution. They ended up so big they fit Catherine! Oh well, shes pretty stoked to have a new pair of bed socks. :)

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