Friday, June 11, 2010

some thoughts

I told a friend I had gone through a really hard time, and she said to me..."well, God only gives what He knows you can handle". My reply was, "well, if not killing yourself is handling it then I guess I did!". My reply now would be, that's totally not biblical!! In the bible it says that God sometimes uses the thing we are scared of the most to discipline us. (sorry I don't have the verses on hand). That would make sense, because I remember making deals with God on my bed, that he was allowed to chop off my legs, let me go blind, let me go deaf, but sorry... He was not allowed to take my sanity... and that's the very thing He took! And allowing things we can "handle" is not biblical either. He brings us to the point where we can't handle it, so we have no choice but to rely on Him..... I'll have to get those verses, coz it's an interesting study... which I've NEVER heard preached in church, but I know I found it out in my own bible studies.... maybe that's my job for today... we'll see.

I've found the verses! here they are:
"I will hand you over to those who seek your life, those you fear..." Jeremiah 22.25
"... so I also will choose harsh tratment for them and will bring on them what htey dread" Isaiah 66.4

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