Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Well, whadaya know?

The day after I do my fake blog interview, I get the chance to do the real thing... in a small way. This years Original Art Show sent an email asking for a brief statement about ourselves for the catalogue. Here's what I wrote....

My name is Janet Dick and I am a South Aucklander born and raised. As a 31 year old mother of one, I paint for pleasure. Subject matter is not always important to me, but I enjoy portaits as a form of character study. Alot of my work recently has been the faces of those in poverty. This has mainly been influenced by my decision to donate $200 from each sale to help struggling families in the third world. My chosen charity is Child Fund "Gifts that grow", where you can check out my personal page at www.childfundchallenge.co.nz/JanetDick.


Mark said...

Way to go! Power of positive thinking maybe?
Love the art.

Janney said...

haha! thanks!