Sunday, May 2, 2010


Here's a song I wrote this weekend for our little band, New Zill. I couldn't find an appropriate picture so I'm using this one... yum!
Verse 1.
When darknessabounds, and peril surrounds
It seems like God is not there
We wait patiently, a future we see
Beyond our sorrow and care
God will wipe away every tear
The time for justice will soon be here
The meek will rise and inherit the earth
And groaning creation will have it's rebirth
Verse 2.
The wrong will be righted, the crops that were blighted
Will spring, like our lives, bright and new
The widow defended, injustice now ended
The words of the bible are true
Verse 3.
Don't be decieved about what you've received
All good things come from Him
Although far away, we wait for the day
We'll see through that glass that is dim.

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