Saturday, May 1, 2010

Car boot sale

Well... I did it! I rose at the unearthly hour of 6am (without feeling like I could club somebody to death with my bare hands), got Catherine ready and drove all the way to Manurewa and set up shop in the Car Boot sale... I sold a total of 1 decal.... but considering someone took my card and made an appointment to get me to measure up for some shop signage I think it was worth the 5 bucks.
I was secretly hoping that would happen... I guess not so secretly turning up with a signwritten vehicle and business cards. (That's not a picture of the actual sale btw... I did a trial run at home first, I was so excited..)
I still love sewing. I could do it all day... but I don't think South Auckland is the best place to sell handcrafted bags when everybody around you is selling boxes full of good stuff for a dollar each.
Oh yeah... I met another signwriter!! I miss hanging out with signwriters. Of course he had a yarn to spin.... the apprentice of my old boss worked for him (he'd been the president of the sign association no less!) and he'd died from hang gliding 3 months before his wedding day. His bride wore her wedding dress to the funeral. Sad... but probably a while ago now. Should of asked him if he knew Marty. Long story. Another sad one so I might tell it later.

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