Monday, April 26, 2010

more beach bags

Made some more bags. Saturday is looming. My first car boot sale.

As a natural pessimist I'm telling myself not to get my hopes up! But I'll be happy with whatever happens. But you know the thing I'm most worried about? I've got to be there by 7am and I'm such a grumpy bum in the mornings and it'll be at the end of a week so I'll be even tireder. I can just see myself sitting there, hair unkempt scowling at everyone who walks by and growling at Catherine! Well, I've been praying about it. I didn't think I'd manage to get Catherine to school on time every day for a week, but God has helped me when I needed it. So we'll see how we


Mark said...

Good luck, and hey, positive thoughts girl!

Janney said...

I know... think positive, think positive... :)