Saturday, April 24, 2010

Irish dancing

Well, I braved the real world again today and saw some friends do an Irish dancing performance at the local shopping mall. I made sure my camera went up to my face only briefly so as to be obvious that was NOT taking video and secretly squirrling it off to the opposition... man... irish dancing has become so... um.. petty... but anyhow. The lead dancers dresses were really pretty.. man! to think of some of the outfits I danced in... I can think of some really unbecoming things I wore in my stick insect figure I had back then! It's been so long since I did Irish dancing I feel I look at performances like a civilian now... like I found it quite humourous to see the calm stage faces on stage, then see them c ome off stage and rush around changing shoes as if it was "we are technically off stage now so pretend you can't see us" but NO, we CAN see you ungracefully changing. Yep. Found that kinda funny. Although, I'm in no position to laugh. Wouldn't have done any better myself so better not be too catty. Was cool overall.

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Mark said...

I love Irish dancing. Very cool.