Wednesday, April 21, 2010

bags and scarves

Well. I have made some bags.. as you can see.. which I will be displaying in a car boot sale. I am even making Janet's Gems tags to go with

them, which may be overkill for a car boot sale, but this is me sticking my toe in the water, outside of the computer screen. You know. The real world..
Although I will probably start putting some of these things in my Etsy shop as well. May as well! It's been barren for so long...
I just want to add... it's been so much FUN making stuff to sell. And I'm learning not to tally up the money coz it seems to be the best way to stifle creativity.
Oh yeah... and those are scarves I am blocking in my workshop hee hee. (On nice clean plastic off cuts I must add).


Luarna said...

nice job. The scarves look like hairpin lace from here, i cant see to tell. what stitch is it? I know i have been a slack bum not posting. I
ll try harder realy i will.

Janney said...

Nope, just plain old doubles with a scalloped edge. Can't wait to see your stuff... not long before you have more important things to think about though!