Friday, January 1, 2010

Smurf Cake

I made Catherine a smurf cake. I 'm pretty pleased with it and I'm going to share the instructions for making a picture with different colours on a cake.


Ice the cake with icing. I used butter icing which was quite hard to get flat and smooth, but I managed to get it ok by dipping the knife in a mug of boiling water. A plain icing of only icing sugar, water and a teaspoon of butter may work better. Anyway, here the...
Recipe for butter icing.
150g (5oz) butter
275g (10 oz) icing sugar
(1 Tablespoon cocoa)
vanilla essence
2 tsp boiling water.
_ heat butter and icing sugar in a bowl placed in a sink of hot water. Wait until butter has just softened and beat. Add water.
1. Then I drew a picture of a smurf on a piece of paper to fit the size of the cake. A template can be found on my website here.
2. Once the butter icing had set a bit (takes a bit longer when youve dipped your knife in hot water), I cut out the smurf and traced around it with a pin. You may need to also dust the back of the paper with icing sugar just in case.
3. Then I free handed the eyes with the pin.
4. Then I made a stiff chocolate icing. A cup of icing sugar and a table spoon of cocoa and adding tiny ammounts of hot water until I have a very stiff icing sugar. One that looks like it will hold its shape but soft enough to go through an icing nozzle.
5. Ice the outline of the smurf over the pin drawing leaving NO GAPS in the outlines (as you will be filling these in).
6. Once the icing sugar has set (15 mins?), make a VERY RUNNY icing, using icing sugar and water only. If you are using white, do that first, then add colouring to the remaining.
7. Use a teaspoon and tip in the runny icing to fill in the pieces.
NOTE: the outline needs to be heavy enough to hold the runny filling.

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Jo said...

Ah, what an adorable cake! I love smurfs and i have been looking for a while for some smurf cake inspiration.
thank you for the tips! :)