Thursday, January 21, 2010

Love God with all your heart

I was a bit worried I'd gone over the top with this, but Catherine loves it. Especially since she's just been to Teresa's flat for a few days and watched Rainbow bright!
I read the words to her tonight and she goes "Teresa has a different God, aye Mum?" "No" I say. " Theres only one God. He's here with you now, and he was with you at Teresa's "
"Oh!... he followed us in his car aye?"


Luarna said...

Hi Janet. I love it! When we get our own house and and can paint murals on our walls. Maybe you could do one for me. i think it's beautiful. See you in 7 sleeps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Janney said...

I'd love to!! just pay for the paint and I'll do it for free ! (fun).
Yippeeee... folk festival!

Mark said...

Too funny, I love it.