Sunday, December 20, 2009

I wrote the book...

"Dumb things I have done in the name of christianity" by Janet Dick. Well I've done enough dumb stuff to fill a book anyway. Like when I first started reading my bible and read "You can't please God by obeying the Law", I took that to mean New Zealand road laws and purposely drove around going through red lights. I'm not making this up... I really did.
Or what about the time when I found out in my Concordance that pride is one of the worst sins.. and for not a few YEARS would grunt angrily and anyone who DARED give me a compliment. (Please give us christians a break... we have our reasons!)
What about the time I decided I would finally "commit my life to Christ", and after years of watching the youth group at church decided this meant making as big an ass of myself as I could and proceeded to signwrite in large letters on my van windows "JESUS FREAK". I'm not kidding. I got quite a few dirty looks. Mainly from other christians.
What about getting involved with a guy who was an alchoholic and drug abuser. My only thought being..."cool! this guys going to have a great testimony". Ten years later finds me the wiser.
Speaking of testimonies I would often dramatise mine. This in front of people who'd known me my whole life and knew my real testimony was: 'I was raised in a church... and then I got saved".
When I jokingly told a friend I would write a book entitled "Dumb things I have done in the name of Christianity" she visibly cringed and said "noooooo....". I won't write the book, but sorry, I just had to get it off my chest.

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Mark said...

Too much! Love the bit about driving through red lights on purpose.