Saturday, December 19, 2009

Clothes don't make the man.

...Or so I believe because I have so many garbs I don for different events I'm not really authentic in any of them. Like when I go to a signwriting job I'll turn up in my "I'm as good as any man" bordering on feminist ragged jeans and paint-smeared t-shirt. Or if it's a graphic design job it's my corporite-look professional trousers, blouse, make-up and all.
If there's no work I'm in my "Mum who wears pj's all day and proud of it" look and if I'm in our garden it's my "Cinderella before the fairy godmother" look. If it's church its usually a "Christians are normal too" look, dressy casual, and if it's a folk event I'm in my "my parents were hippies and so am I" look.
To save money and wardrobe space, sometimes my clothes serve a dual purpose. Proffessional and church clothes are sometimes interchangable. As are gardening and signwriting clothes. Othertimes they are accidentally worn inappropriately like when I have a bad night and wear my 'Cinderella before the fairygodmother" clothes to church. Or like last years Folk Festival when I turned up in my Professional attire which in some ways was totally inappropriate in "wanna be corporate sell out" kind of a way. But in some ways was VERY appropriate considering after a big wardrobe clearout I actually was hippy-broke at the time with nothing much else to bring.

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Mark said...

Cracking up. I love the "my parents were hippies...." line.
Sounds like you got all the bases covered.