Tuesday, December 8, 2009

blog, blog, blog...

Well, Catherine had her second school visit today. She was more well behaved and managed to keep on task for the whole 2 hours. The other kids were more used to her too, didn't laugh at her and instead kept her in line a bit. Literally ("Catherine! stay in line!").
I came home with a headache and spent the day lying down, checked my email and had an enquirey as to how the flame decals were coming so decided to cut them despite my head, and ended up cutting two right hand decals... waisting 2 metres of vinyl and holding up the job even longer. That's what you get for trying to do stuff with a headache I spose. I went into the garage after that and tried to self-medicate by pigging out on the chocolate in my fridge. It worked to a point. I felt alot better. Endorphins. Don't know what they do but I think theyre sposed to make you feel good.
Facebook doesn't like me at the moment. I have to log in every 5 seconds. Don't really mind. Think I should spend more time with real people... and real "friends"!!.
I've been working on christmas gifts for Dana and Teresa. Two little crocheted leprecauns. They've taken alot longer than expected. I''m also in charge of decorating one of the themed christmas trees for our church display. My theme is "angels". I wanted to make an angel out of fabric because I couldn't find any in the shops, but I've only got till Saturday and don't think I'll have time. Now I'm thinking I may just buy some silver cardboard and paint one. Hope it won't be too tacky.
Well, that's me. Felt like blogging. bye :p

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