Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I need to get out more..

Reading about other people's adventures makes me realise... I need to get out more! Catherine's Dad hasn't been in contact since he was at *the place* and I 'm thinking it's better that way. I've been feeling less anxious aobut making sure the door is locked at all times and I can be outside at twilight without too much fear now. I've alsomst stopped going on in a mental dialougue every time a male name pops up in my inbox (..." It's called SPAM, ok?? they try to trick you by putting a name there so you'll open it and it sends you to a website... etc....")
I was out in the van today, sitting at a stop sign when a van went passed and started beeping. I wondered why. It turned out to be a signwriters van. Still wondered why. Got home and realised.. "hey... was it an old workmate?? the sign industry is quite small.. is it possible someone would remember me??". My van was all marked up so it's possible.
Also was at the petrol station, and another guy recognised me. He has installed some of my signs. I must have looked like a deer in the headlights as I tried not to look like a freak and attempt conversation.
But it's as if God said.."It's ok. Make friends... I don't mind!".
Well... hold on to hope as JK says on the ads. Maybe there's still hope for this life yet..

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