Friday, November 13, 2009

Go Stan!

AArghh... I'm a stalker!! na... Just finished watching Australian Idol. Every week I watch just to see this guy!! Stan Walker. He's a kiwi and he's a christian. Tonight he sang Amazing Grace and you could see his spirit being lifted up in worship...
you know... like that old buddist proverb about the 3 blind men and the elephant... we all have a different piece of the whole of what God is. I used to listen to Radio Rhema alot. Joice Myeres piece of the elephant seems to be having a good attitude. That's the main life lesson God has taught her. James Dobson is all about evangelising the world, starting with your very own family. Chuck Missler is all about the devine design of the bible. My main learning experience would be silver refined in the fire... God shaping us through tough times... but I lean towards the negative quite alot... tonight I saw again how a simple relationship with God, accepting forgiveness and worshipping him is what it's all about. Go Stan!!

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