Friday, November 13, 2009


Anyone who reads my blog will deifinitely know what a fickle person I am. I'm always having blinding flashes of insight. One minute I'm quoting scripture, the next minute I'm telling everyone to rack-off coz I want to be alone forever!! All I can put it down to is the battle. Most of the time I'm on the back foot. Actually, my blog is the only place I trumpet my christianity. I mean - how could I tell my neighbours about my faith when the day before I could be heard screaming "LEAVE ME ALONE FOR ONCE, I WANT TO BE ALONE, GO AWAY!!". I'm not exagerating. When i go down I go DOWN. (I guess it could be worse... it doesn't look that bad in type.. but I'm pretty sure it sounds bad in real life).
Well, what can I say? Next time I get one of my change-my-life-forever-revelations that doesn't involve God.... humour me. It will mean I've strayed again, hopefully to be back on track again soon.

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Mark said...

I will definitely humor you.It must be the artsy side of your brain.