Monday, November 9, 2009


Alone! I wish I was alone
(I'm not replacing my lost phone)

In a little shack, I'll do it up
And milk, tea, sugar in my cup
I'll plant some trees around the border
It'll be a mess, but still have order!

A room with canvases and paint
An open window in case I faint...
A sewing machine and stacks of wool
And a little shed, (that would be cool)

I'll be a wierdo, I won't care!
Bare feet and jeans are what I'll wear
And daisies in my greying hair
Listening to birds in my rocking chair


Mark said...

great poem, that scenario sounds great. Love the house

Luarna said...

Hello my dear
sounds great, I'm there.
is there a rocker for me?
I'd like to stay and have some tea.