Sunday, October 11, 2009

Shakespear matters!

Well, I'm on a tutorial rampage, trying to add as many tutorials to my blog as possible. I've just decided that life is all about what you give away, not keep. Well see how long this lasts though. I have a tendency to be fickle.
My pastor said something so cool in church last night. Amoungst other things.. "Shakespear matters!" (and don't spend you life doing things for money alone)
anyway, I've spent the day reading a book I gave up on.. Crime and Punishment. It's one of the classics. I love to read - but reading is one of those babies I threw out with the bath water. I thought you had to give everything up for God, good or bad... so I stopped reading! But maybe imagination is one of those things that "make us human" .
I love to read! and now I can.
( I have to add... if I was anyone in history, I'd be that guy who sat on the pole and emasculated himself... I'm that kind of person (wierdo) when it comes to my faith... it's interesting to find that the things I struggle with have long since been played out by others in history, ages past...)

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