Thursday, May 14, 2009

$5 a Day - the Trade Off!


To me that means a money/life balance - meaning you trade away life, to work and get money.
(Some people love thier jobs- so they get life AND money. I'm not one of those people)
I'm on the benefit - so in some respects you could say I get life AND money. But getting money from the government makes me feel bad about myself - so I get money - and the trade off is a bit off "life". (When I say "life" I guess I mean "happiness...) so I spose it's really a MONEY vrs HAPPINESS trade off.
Now, I'm also living rent free, so my basic costs are quite low. I onlyneed $150 a week to survive. And my little allowance would be $35 or less a week to be DELIRIOUSLY HAPPY, (with my new theory). Now $175 is around 12 hours work, say 2 days, then I'd have, say, 5 days fo "happiness". Now thats only if I stick to my $5 a day budget. If I spend more - I would have to work more and would decrease my "happiness" by x ammount. Then I would have to decide "Does the ammount of extra money I spent make me happy enough, to make up for that extra time I spent working?"
I'm sure there's a formula. I may have to sit down and work this out!
(I love the way I put happiness in parenthesis, as if I subconciously don't believe it exists... I think I'll leave that one for my phsycologist...)

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