Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Rules: Day one!

Hey! Well, day one of the new rules has gone really well. I presented them today at 3 oclock, and became aware of a spiritual gift I may have in the mean-time (Lu, I sent you an email).
So far so good. The rules were explained, and the consequences explained, and when Catherine did something, off we went to the chart, pointed out the rule and followed through with the consequence... and another cool thing now is, Catherine knows a new word... "Consequences"! which I hope will be a concept I can drill into her over the years.

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Luarna said...

That si a great way to go about it. LIttle children are all about fairness and tehy often find major security in "this is the way things and thats it" I means they are secure knowing that what they are doing is right and that if tehy do such-n-such it will be followed by a consequence. Makes for a predicable life which young children really need. I take my pretend-hat off to you. Oh adn by the way. I chopped my hair. It now doesnt even reach my shoulders! heh heh heh