Wednesday, March 25, 2009

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Well, thanks, as for "The Rules, their reasons and their consequences", they are going so great it's unbelievable. She can't read, but at once stage she pulled me over to the chart and pointed to the consequence where she gets a story for being good. And her behaviour has changed so much in such a short space of time! (And she'll go off to her room without griping, coz, you know, THAT's the consequence!)
As for other things. Now that I gave myself permission to start saving my money to eventually go flatting, a WHOLE new lot of options has opened up to me. I realised, saving that same ammount I could have enough for a deposit to BUY a little unit. Or another idea that came up, I'd have enough for 2 years of university education. (But, I think I really like the idea of having my own little place). I truely didn't think I had the right to save money for anything, because I already basically have a house, a bach and a car. But no, not really. They're Mum's. It was all those verses about 'you can't serve God and money, you will love one and hate the other"... and as my psychologist would say, a feeling of having "no entitlement". So what did I do? I spent my money each week on things that didn't make me happy.
(You've given me so much confidence about my blog, Lu, that I'm hoping I don't get long-winded and self indulgent!)
Another little thought, about knowing bible stuff. I've realised lately, that you can know about God, but there are things that can only be learnt by walking them out and walking with God. And one thing I really struggle with is the concept "it's not about me, it's about we". (Pat me on the back, I just made that up). As John, from study, mentioned tonight... it's not all about us and "personal blessings". It's about us, as a group (a church) showing God's nature to the world. So like... being part of a group? Do I get to keep my personality?
Maybe I just don't get what it really means. But if I theorise about it, I'll get no-where. I guess I just have to start "hanging out" and it will happen naturally.

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