Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Reply to Lu's comment :)

This was a reply to your (awsome!) comment, Lu, and it got so long I thought I better make it a post.(Comment about help with gaining bible-insight)...

Hello! Well, I was just thinking what to say, and my first thought was that any insight I have I put down to devasting life experiences so unless you want to pray for one of those... I don't know how to help! and then I thought.."how cool"... my quiet time has become so entrenched in my life I didn't even think of it. When I first started it I decided I would sacrifice the best time of my day, which was 8:00, because Catherine was in bed and I could be spending time watering the garden, so I religiously kept it at that time, and I learnt so much! And even when I really didnt want to do it, I did it. Now I'm actually at a stage where I tell myself that if I stopped it I wouldnt feel a bit guilty, but (catch 22), its through my quiet time that i learnt that everything I do in life is meaningless without God so at 8:00 I just sit myself down read my bible for an hour and pray (if I can, I'm not that good at praying) ... so that's where I started. I'm good at reading, so usually I just sit and read. You may be better at prayer, or meditation. But I guess the topic is having biblical understanding. Just find the stuff your passionate about and read that. Or... actually I don't know. What I do is put a bookmark in the old testiment, one in the new and one in the psalms and read a bit of it each night. I'm sure God will talk to you if you set up a set time to devote to it. Maybe write down a list of questions, and seek those answers... that's all I can say. And I'll keep blogging, because we all have a different bent... your insights will be different to mine and we can enlighten each other. Actually... I loved that blogg you did around Christmas time about God watching us and getting butterflies in His chest - I never would have even thought of that! I wish YOU would blogg more, because I would love to be encouraged by you !

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