Sunday, December 28, 2008


Ok, I'm way too proud of this. This took two days to make. I made it out of a ratty old sign I had, and it cost me NOTHING to make, because I had the hinges, the paint, the sign ... and tools. That's my favourite kind of project... trash to treasure. I was going to add carpet, but I decided to go easy clean. It just needs furniture and stuff now. MMM... so proud :)


Luarna said...

Wow. so one day when we ahve a littel girl can you help me make a dolls house too? It's very very nice. Oh i read your last blog too. I can't tell you how i proud i am of you. It blessed me so much to read what you think. You are so interesting. realy realy interesting. I have always known that but i feel i am getting to know a whole new you. It's great. Love you my friend.

Kewpie said...

Awesome job on the dolls house :)