Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sewing late at night, but grateful for every bit of income that comes in. A friend gave me three jackets of take up, and I'm trying to do a really good job... coz they look really flash!!
She also wants me to reupholster a couch for her. I told her I couldn't afford the nightclass fees and shes offered to pay for my nightclasses. So that's cool. I imagine it will come off the price of upholstering her couch, but fair enough! So looks like my work is going to be very varied, which is cool. I like variety! 
And tomorrow I'm going to be trying to finish that big wall, before the bad weather sets in. Yup, still not finished yet! My van back door handle broke and in the end I had to get a new part in because my van is getting too old to get second hand parts. Poor thing! I'm going to need a new one eventually, but how? I'm really gonna have to trust God with that one!
And we're still hanging onto summer here in NZ. Starting to get a bit chillier though...

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