Friday, January 10, 2014

Another couple of lovely days up at the bach these holidays. We have friends up there at the moment, and I we will be going back up with a few other friends in need of a break soon.


And look what I found at the second hand shop for $3! My very own cabbage patch kid. I always wanted one of these, and then when I became a parent and saw the price tag I totally understood why I never got one! 80 bucks for a kids toy!? You have to be joking! Well, I have one now anyhow. Yep, mine all mine. Catherine can babysit it, but it's mine.


And I decided to splash out and buy myself a smart phone. Who would have thought I would love it so much? I can't afford internet on it, but even texting is fun! And I made this little cover for it last night.

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dcpeg said...

Congratulations on your new, big-eyed, chunky baby! I had no idea they had been that expensive when they first came out.

The water looks so good I'm ready to jump in! It's been pretty cold here, but the temp will rise by about 50 degrees Sunday -- hurray!