Sunday, December 1, 2013

Happy birthday to me

Well, it's my birthday today, and I've politely told people who have text me wanting me to do stuff for them.. "sorry, not today, it's my birthday" :).
So Mum got me a 20kg pack of pottery clay, so I finally get to try out my wheel.
It was a lot of giggles at first I can tell you! I had it in mind that it would take about 3 months of practice to get "centering" correct, but of course I got excited straight away and wanted to try and make something.
Here's a wonky plate I just made. Pottery is hard. It was meant to be a bowl.
But it's my birthday and Im spending the day the way I want to, doing what I want. 
And why not?

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dcpeg said...

Happy, happy, happy Birthday!!