Friday, November 15, 2013

That's the plan

So I thought I'd put this in a separate post incase the people googling "Cheap Lip Balm Recipe" read this.
This is for my blog friends really.

So I went to WINZ on Wednesday, and they basically told me I have to be working 20 hours a week or my benifit gets cut. Now I'm self employed, doesn't that count for anything? I asked.
Nope. Doesn't count sorry.
You have 4 weeks to get back to us. Work or study or we will basically decide for you.
So, at first I was in a big huff. I was all for selling all my stuff I'd only just finished collecting for my flat and moving back to Mum's... but since I can't stand not having my own space I was actually seriously considering pitching a tent out the back!! "I'm totally gonna get on the news" thinks I. Drama Queen I know.

Basically my reasoning was if I can just cut my expenses right down they won't be breathing down my neck. And I didn't want to give up my business. 
But you know how I am with that... I've quit my business like 5 times now. 
Long story short....
I decided to skim the job section in the paper and I came across an article on a volunterr sewing organisation which I thought was cool.

Then it hit me. I love sewing. I should learn to sew on an industrial sewing machine and get a sewing job.
It would be perfect and it's the only type of job I actually like the idea of doing. 
So I looked up some courses and there's one down the road from me! I have savings to pay for it without a student loan (It will be the last of my savings but it may be worth it) WINZ will be off my back for 6 months which gives me more time in my flat... and I like the idea of becoming a good sewer!
So that's the agenda! Might not happen till next year, but that's the plan!


dcpeg said...

Now that you've found your true passion, you're gonna make the most of this opportunity. So proud of you!

Janney said...

I'm gonna talk to my Uncle about it first...but yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna go for it!