Monday, September 16, 2013

I'm a lumberjack and I'm ok, got a big peppermint that lasts all day...

um... that's from an old tv ad...but check this out! This is how much wood I've chopped with an axe in 3 weeks. I've been doing it at the end of the day for no more than half an hour. (And probably no more than 3 times a week)...

And this is how much I've got to go...

And why am I bragging? Because it's a bit like a lumberjack finding out he could tapdance. I never thought I could chop such big pieces. I'm not done with the pile, and it will probably take me about 3 months to get through at this rate, but my hopes are high.

I'd like to add, at first I felt a twinge of self pity, untill I realised that other people spend $700 a year on gym memberships and this is free. I may even get to sell the wood, although the hippie in me wants to give it all away and make the world a better place.


And on an equally self indulgent note... I have nets!!! I've wanted these since I moved in a year and half ago!
I took down the bubble wrap we used for insulation. I can't tell you if it was effective because we had the mildest winter here since 1908! buy I can tell you it stopped the condensation, which was a bonus. And now I have nets and don't have to wave awkwardly at people as they walk past my window hehe!
(And I saved up my pennys. Literally. In a jar!!) I love thrifty living!!

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