Saturday, September 21, 2013

Feminism and the bible 2

I just thought I'd add something to my last post on this. When I was talking as women as servants, I obviously wasn't meaning literally that women are only good as actual servants, like cleaners and waitresses (not that there's anything wrong with those jobs). But in the christian world, lets say, the ministers and pastors, they are actually the servants of us all. The congregation are servants to each other, and the minister ministers (serves) everyone! But in the eyes of those outside the church... they are the big kahunas. But no. Doesn't work that way within the church.
Not everyone thinks that women are allowed to be Pastors according to certain parts of the bible. That's another debate. But lets just say in the Bible there are women prophets, women decons and a woman apostle. So women can have postitions of (so called) power, let's say, leadership. But as christians, they need to have a servant heart. That's really what I meant but forgot to expand on.

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