Friday, August 30, 2013

Other Peoples Stories

Well, as I like to slip into every other conversation. I had skitzophrenia for 7 years..and it was bad. But I've been well for a while now, and you know, maybe it's time to just get over it. This is the first year in a long time that I've been able to develope new friendships, and I've been learning that everyone has a story.
And I've been learning to listen to them without even thinking "thats nothing buddy, try what I had for 5 minutes".
And I have friends whose hard times are continuing right now.
I have a friend who's life is shattered from a husband cheating on her and leaving her with 2 kids to look after. One they adopted together, and one that took ten years to concieve.
Another who's husband's grumpy reactions have grown into hitting her in the face so she turns up on my doorstep with a big fat lip. (We dealt with that... we told his bible study teacher and they jumped right into the situtation)
One friend is 40 and struggles to read or spell the most basic of words because of the violent child hood she had.

So I didn't struggle the most and I don't have to go around always pointing out how bad I had it. In fact the first 21 years of my life were like heaven itself and now I'm starting to enjoy the part of life that's the most important part any how. Friendship.

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dcpeg said...

Life is so full of surprises and bombs! You've come a long way, lady and your wisdom grows every day. All those of us who still wake up every morning and keep breathing are lucky. Having friends is necessary, but having true friends is a bonus.