Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Origin of the Species

I'm reading about ten books at the moment. I start new ones before I finish the old ones... and now I'm trying to get them all finished.
I just finished this one and let me tell you, the cover is very, very, VERY misleading.
The famous Origin of the Species by Charles Darwin, where he allegedly puts forth a theory that human beings come from apes. I was on the edge of my seat in the last chapter. "When is he going to get to the monkeys part, WHEN?" After about 560 pages of hard going stuff, the sum total of even mentioning anything about human beings is 3 sentences. Twice he kinda slips in a mention of the human hand compared with a bat, and on the second to last page he says something like ... We will one day come to know more about human beings and their history. Sorry, that's obviously not an exact quote, the book is in the car and I cant be bothered getting it. But pretty much, THAT"S IT!!
I also just want to say, that I was expecting him to be an arrogant prat, pushing his theory down our throats like so many nowadays do... but no. He seemed to be pretty good guy, putting down his theory tentatively and fairly attempting to answer obvious objections to his claims. Pretty cool guy really, and very knowledgeable.

My own belief is that first we decide what we believe, then we put forth facts to support our belief. There are scientists who have become Christians after examining the evidence, and scientists who are firmly aethiests.
There's evidence for both camps, whichever you decided is your own "act of faith".

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