Sunday, April 14, 2013

Today was shopping day... and I had 15 bucks for the week. That doesn't get much in Kiwi-land. I'm not putting this up to brag... OK I AM!    LOOK WHAT I CAN SURVIVE ON PEOPLE!
We have 2 sausages and a potato in the cupboard, and tonight I am making curry with Roti. Roti is just flour, oil and water,rolled into circles and fried,  but it can make dinner a little more exciting. You just need to put in a little effort. Catherine's request.

I'm also trying to make bags again.

Hand dyed. Hand sewn. Hand screen-printed.

I have realised selling online doesn't work for me, cause I don't have anyone to keep me accountable, and end up getting side tracked with other things. So me and a friend from church have decided to sell at a market somewhere and have set a rough deadline. 1-2 months to get some stock together and well set up a stall somewhere.
Hope I sell some!

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