Thursday, March 14, 2013

Well, finally finished that honours board today. Hope they like it.

Here's a sign I did for the local bakery. She's such a lovely person... and so generous I've actually been praying "Lord, give me a generous heart like the lady at the bakery!". (She gives me free food every time I turn up to collect payments!!)

And my screenprinting/tiedye nightclasses have been going fab. Here's some batik I tried. This sits over my chair now and I call it my "happy chair". I think it'll do wonders during the next few drab winter months.

Here's something else I did. Screen printed a tshirt for St Patricks day. Catherine has started Irish dancing, so we are walking in the parade this year. Although, turns out, shes allowed to wear her school tshirt, so I'm not sure what I ll get her to wear.

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