Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Indian or lace cupcake idea

I made these cupcakes for a 21st birthday party on Saturday, and I came up with this great idea for getting the different patterns. I may not be the first to think of this, but as far as I know it's a Janet original :)

I had the idea of making brown and cream cupcakes with the opposite colour iced on top, and to make the different patterns I roughly hand drew some designs... which I actually stole from here

then cut a circle out of another sheet of paper, and moved it around the patterns to make different designs to copy onto my cupcakes.

And they turned out like this!


And I've been doing screen printing classes on Wednesdays. It's kinda Island styles coz shes a Rarotongan lady who figured out her own cost effective way of doing it... which I probably wont share to the whole world because she came up with it... (but lets just say it involves overhead transparency paper)... and last night I experimented with this...

I 'tie-dyed' it, using bleach! and I used her flower pattern which I cut out last night, and the lettering which I did myself. It's a bit light, but it's all practice.

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