Thursday, January 31, 2013

Vinyl wrapping SUX!! it's the most difficult, time consuming , boring task! While uploading the photo I just realised why I think so... because I'm just not good at it! And I don't like stuff when I'm not good at it. But this is my 3rd attempt at wrapping. When I went off to work in a "proper" firm, just before christmas, I learnt that alot of my techniques are out of date, and I didn't know how to vinyl wrap. Well, I thought I better keep up with the times, so I've been practicing on my van. And you can't see it in the picture but that vinyl is FULL of little creases. The guy I worked with said to me "You can only learn it by doing it". Turns out to be true, coz I got slightly better by the time I got to the second side. At least, in my favour, I'm forcing myself to practice a task I find extremely hard. Hopefully it pays off in the end.

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