Thursday, November 15, 2012

I think my neighbour has got a new car. I said "I think" because it's silver like his last one and I can't tell the difference. I wouldn't have even noticed if I hadn't looked out the window a couple of times and seen him just standing there, gazing at it, then walking around it and gazing at it some more. Then I saw him lovingly place hub caps on, and yesterday I saw him carefully place clear plastic over the number plate. I would have commented when I saw him with his big grin, but I'm scared that it might not be new... because one silver car looks like another to me! (It obviously doesn't to him.)


dcpeg said...

I'm with you on cars - I can't tell a Toyota from a Mazda and really don't care. We drive a '94 Civic that just hit 66,000 miles, so you can see how important cars are to me. However, I DO LOVE to drive, but living in a city, there isn't much need for it.

Janney said...

oh yeah, driving is fun :)