Saturday, October 27, 2012

Spring is here... or are we actually in summer now? It was hot enough yesterday. Check out my seedling table I made.. put to good use.I actually took that photo after I d taken away alot of punnets to plant, so it was even more packed before.

I also went up to the bach this week and did a bit of work. I wish I'd done a before and after... this is after. It was covered in cobwebs and yellow dust. Actually had the energy to go and mop it all down up a ladder. Probably because I'd spent the whole day before in bed resting... on a Wednesday. I just conk out about once a fortnight. I give myself Sundays to rest, but I'm never tired on a Sunday dammit! Like today. I'm sitting here blogging instead of sleeping.

Anyhow. Just before I left I cleared a little bit beside the garage. Which was actually amazing ! because I always just walk past it like it's this insurmountable job I can't achieve... but it was easy! The ferns just pulled really easily out of the soil and I just clipped away little by little at the massive thorny rose vines.

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