Thursday, October 11, 2012

I did the funniest thing the other week! (From my point of view anyhow). I found these old boots in my garage with all the other stuff from my previous tenant and thought, wow, still good... I think I'll be arty and stick some plants in them. Well they fell over in the wind, the dirt fell out and the next door nieghbours kid laughed at my attempt to be arty. But that's not it. I'd been contemplating it for a couple of weeks, and then went ahead one day and did it. The very next day I went to Nigels house and he goes " Hey, have you still got those boots of mine?". Haha! I could have died! I had to tell him I'd just planted them with herbs!!

And church is having it's fundraiser for camp this
Saturday and I went out and bought a special flower petal tip. As you can see I still need a bit of practice. I've always wanted to make those little white flowers on top you can see and I still havn't quite got the hang of it. Plus I couldn't afford a proper icing bag (30 bucks for a plastic bag??) so I was using an old rice bag which was quite awkward to hold.
Im going to have the opportunity to practice again soon, because our neighbours went and gave me a whole bag of deer meat of all things! Im sure that would be quite expensive! and just on the week I had decided not to buy meat. Thanks Lord! So anyhow, I'll make them some cupcakes as a thankyou.

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