Monday, September 10, 2012

lava cake.... drool!

I made Catherine a tiger costume for her drama class, which will also double as a halloween (or our church's light party) costume... and fun pyjamers!
The best thing about these is they only cost me $4.50!! I walked into the clearance fabric shop in Otara with $5 worth of coins in my pocket and prayed there would be some orange material on the $1.50 stand... and there was! Orange and I got the yellow. (Really unusual to find those colours there, so thankyou Lord!)

And you know how damn fustrating it can get when youre kid keeps asking you for things you just can't afford. Catherines been nagging me for lava cake from Dominoes. Well I told her no, but maybe there would be a recipe on the net. Never heard of lava cake apart from at Dominoes but I googled it and it's a common cake! And we didn't have any ramikins, so I came up with the idea of making lava cupcakes! I used this recipe here and cooked the cupcakes for 10 mins. Next time I would only cook them for around 6-8 minutes because some of them werent lava-ish, more just sticky.

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