Monday, August 13, 2012

Let's not despise the day of small things

You know, the bible says there are two types of people (those that think there are two types of people, and those that don't.... kidding).  One type, the stingy type, who never gives yet never seems to have enough. The other type, the generous type, who gives freely yet always seems to have enough. I totally want to be the "always has enough type". But in order to be the always has enough type I have to learn to give freely and not always be so blimmin greedy and tight-fisted. So I'm starting little. I made this sticker box for our church table. As you can see it says "Jesus car stickers. take one :)". Generous, huh? If I was brave I would stand up and announce to our congregation of 30-odd my freely given offering to them all. But I'm not. So I won't. But knowing our church someone might do it for me.

Anywho... step two to living a generous life. What am I ALWAYS doing? What can I not STOP doing? Well, if I don't sit down and make something on a regular basis I'm Little Miss Nasty... so why not put that to good use? A friend from church, Julia, emailed me about starting a craft group for christmas presants or even the refuge. Well, I felt more of an affinity with the Womens Refuge and rang them up. They would LOVE some help, no matter how small, so I have plans to sew a whole lot of toiletry bags, maybe learn to sew undies... you know, the stuff you'd need that you didn't have time to pack as you left in a hurry... so big plans, big plans. Well, that's a very relative term isnt it? 'Big' as in a big shift in focus I guess.

One last thing... I made this!

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dcpeg said...

Excellent start, Janet! It's amazing how doing a little for someone else can mean so much to BOTH of you!