Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wow. Gone are the days when I would be blogging every 3 days or so... now I can barely manage once a month. But that's a good thing, coz I finally have a life outside my blog. A happy one. You know one of the best things about "having someone"? Cuddles! How much does it suck to go years without someone giving you a back rub, a kiss or a cuddle? And kids ones don't count... just not the same. In fact you feel like your always giving and never getting back. I won't win worlds best feminist by saying it makes it easier  to have a guy around. But then I know Nigel says it's the same for him, so it all evens out really.

Anyhow. My favourite time of year. (Well, christmas is pretty good, but this is up there). HARD RUBBISH COLLECTION. Yay! We picked up a perfectly good set of drawers. A side table and 2 chairs. Catherine jumped on the band wagon and said she wanted this for her room.... so I scrubbed it and painted it green. It probably needs another coat but I didn't want to spend a whole 20 bucks on a freebee. It would kinda defeat the purpose! Anyhow... I have alot to be going on with!

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dcpeg said...

Gorgeous chair! Love the design and the color you painted it.

Glad you're getting quality cuddles. I, too love them.