Wednesday, May 16, 2012

sewing stuff

 I have an old friend named Sasha whom I have known since we were babies. We went to the same church so were in the same Sunday School class as 4 year olds. Then when we got older we became Sunday School teachers and taught 4 years olds in the very same room we used to be in!
We have started a new church now, but the stories still cool.
I was Sasha and Matthews bridesmaide quite a few years ago now, and they are having their first baby, so this is what I made her for her recent baby shower. A baby sling! I had to extend the pattern by about 30cms (it was quite a small pattern), but the link to this pattern can be found here.

Another thing... our flat has had these grotty old, mouldy old curtains since I moved in in January. So I asked my landlord that if I bought the material and sewed them myself, could I get reimbursed the money and they said yes! So I have nice new curtains now. ( In the lounge, I still have the two rooms to do). They look a bit messy coz I didn't have enough curtain hooks... soon to be remedied, but I like them!


dcpeg said...

Nice job on the curtains!

The baby sling is adorable! i just love seeing babies in them and the babies seem to really like them, too.

Janney said...

thanks Peg!