Saturday, March 3, 2012

Thank you

Ok I said I 'm so happy in my flat I have nothing to blog about... but it's worse... I have nothing to PRAY about. I mean for years I'd wake up, go into the garage with my bible and I'd be like... "Oh Lord, get me through this day.... help me... turn this nothingness in something.... relieve the suffering of the world (including mine)... infact COME SOON LORD JESUS... come in the next 2 years... PLEASE!".... etc.... etc...
Now I'm happy I have nothing to say!!!
But I realised that being genuinely happy is ok, in fact, saying "thank you" is a legitimate prayer. Actually, I think He may even prefer it... don't you?


Mark said...

Yep, saying thanks is the same as a prayer, because some people wouldn't even think to say thanks.

dcpeg said...

"Thank you" is something I try to remember to say to God every night. Some days are harder to be grateful for, but then I realize that I actually have it pretty darn good! I think your new home is the start of something very good in your life. ENJOY!!