Sunday, January 8, 2012

Nick Vujicic - Life without Limits.

Well, it's all go. They called me while I was at the bach (holiday house) and let me know they did the checks (no, I've never robbed a bank and yes, I paid off my computer without a hitch)... and I've pretty much got the place! So I'm moving out this week.
Now all thanks to this guy really. I got myself his book for christmas. His name is Nick Vujicic (Voy-a-chich) and he's a motivational speaker who has no arms or legs! Now, if a guy like that can be happy, well you can bet I'm gonna listen to what he has to say. I read the first few chapters of his book I'd found this place and decided to move the same day! Now, you wouldn't think moving out would be a big event for a 33 year old... but let me tell you, I've been desiring this for so long, but every christian message I've heard has been all about being content in your situation. He's the first person to tell me to follow my dreams! Be optimistic! There's a future for you!
God told me in August 2010 that I was bitter. I thought I had to learn to be grateful. Maybe not! Maybe this overwhelming desire to have a place of my own was a God given desire! Maybe God WILL provide for me like He promises in the bible? I mean, the doors have just swung wide open. All it took was for me to take some initiative and act upon it.
In the last 10 years, up until this point, I've thought that God is pretty cruel. I thought "If God is good... it's just this abstract kind of good that must be beyond human understanding, because life stinks". I've just been hanging out for Jesus to return because all I saw for my future was living the next 15 years with my morbid mother who's given up all her own dreams and sucks away mine and then it's a brief 10 years of independence before I retire on a meagre pension then wait for dementia to set in. Yup. I'm not exagerating. My whole blog was a pretence. That's been my view of the future for the last 7 years.
But maybe God IS a God who gives dreams?
Anyhow.... like I said... if a guy with no arms and legs tells me it's ok to dream for the future, I'm gonna listen.
I highly recommend his book. "Life without Limits". And check out the You tube video anyhow.

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Mark said...

Wow, amazing guy. I see he has definitely moved you ( no pun intended). I agree with the phrase, follow your dreams! All the best.