Thursday, January 12, 2012

My new pad

Can you believe it??? I'm in my own little flat! We're on deck chairs at the moment... I'm lov'n it! It feels like camping and there's nothing to clean!
We have lovely neighbours who even helped me move in... they say they all kinda look out for each other, which is how it should be!
And check out my first weeks shop. I have a $60 food budget and I spent $40. Then I used the rest to buy a chopping board, a bread knife, a ladle, a teatowel and a bath plug.

Oh yeah, and I'd been asking God if He would provide for me. Over and over again. My reason being, I thought, you can't go rent a penthouse and buy a ferari on HP then say "Lord, provide for me!" which I thought in way was what I was doing. But what do you know. First day in my new flat, I read Word for Today and it says :Leaving a job or moving locations can always seem scary. It comes down to 2 questions "Will you protect me Lord?" and "Will you provide for me ?"
I don't have it with me, but it said , yes, as the Lord promised to provide for Abraham when he left his country, He promises you too.
Well, I'm going to frame that and put it on my wall when I get scared over my bills.
PS. Why does God always wait till AFTER youve made your move to confirm your decision?? this is the second time that has happened!!

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dcpeg said...

THREE CHEERS!! You're gonna love your new digs and I can hardly wait to see how you make it your own.