Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Been hankering after some wedges!

Well, I realised when I looked at my bank balance yesterday that I wasn't  going to be able to afford the $80 I usually allot to myself for groceries this week. Nope. I had $40 for groceries and nothing for petrol.But has the shine worn off my flatting experience yet? Nope! My grocery list consisted of toilet paper, milk, fish cakes , bread and for a treat 3 tubs of herbs, poppy seeds and pepper. That was $25. Then off to the vege shop  where I got a substantial amount of veges and fruit for ten bucks including a big bag of potatoes. (Hence the the herbs and poppy seeds I bought earlier). And we had a yummy-as dinner. In fact I don't feel impoverished at all!

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